Friday, October 17, 2008

My Completed Nature Still Life that, when compared to the other girl's pieces, is obviously something a guy drew and totally beats all but two.

So this is my completed Nature Still Life from, of course, October 2008 and completed during my studies in Art IV. It is soft pastel on paper, measuring 18x24. Not much can be said of this, probably and depending on how long this post ends up being. It is the first drawing in where I have started to loosen up and be more abstract and expressionists with my lines. Before, I would be OCD about the whole piece needing to be blended and would spend hours on blending all the other different parts. Although it may not look like it because of the picture, it is more apparent in the contrast with, would you believe it, more use of just blacks and whites and not grays. This piece was also a challenger in that it was my first time drawing most of the items, especially the water bottle and pine cone. I had always wanted to draw something that had glass like qualities but had never come upon an assignment with glass in it until now, even if it is plastic. Also my first time to actually put words in my piece. Despite my enthusiasm towards this piece, I know there is more work to be done, especially with the glove. Also, the pine cone looks as if it is just floating. Should I put something under it? Appreciate hard core criticism.

Liberty...or some other title that fits this painting like Azteca Dos

Ok so this is my oil and acrylic on masonite piece (18x24) from May 2008, when I was an Art III. It got second place in the Spring Art Show (not meaning to brag but I need to put as much info of this piece on my blog). This piece is a continuance, if you will, of my Azteca piece (see below). It has a social commentary and personal message behind it, with major focus on my Mexican culture and on American culture, and huge inspiration from Frida Kahlo and the 19th century Impressionists. I like the way the Aztec temple in the background changes value and the way some of the taxis, along with the moon, look three-dimensional. However, this contrasts with the way some of the other things look flat. The use of line is also something I wanted to emphasize. The color is something I especially like in this piece. If anything worries me, it is the blue background. Although it provides definite contrast with the whole painting, I'm still not sure about it. Also, the person, which is supposed to be the Statue of Liberty, is bothering me due to its flatness. There are other things that seem off that I'm not sure about but if you have any comments please post. :)