Thursday, October 22, 2009

Art Whatever No. 9

Haven't posted one of these in forever and haven't really posted anything at all since July so I will attempt to post some of my new pieces up soon. Bluff Park was cool. If you have never been to the Bluff Park Art Show, then I highly recommend you go. It was my first time and I was so excited to see part of the Hoover that once was. Old time Hoover. The spirit that the Hoover kids who were there volunteering was cool. Coming up next will be some shows around town such as Art in Avondale Park and Moss Rock. I'll try to go to those. Also coming up is Portfolio Day. I'm trying to go to the one in Nashville on November 1st. Really need to get my portfolio together...Also looking at art colleges and right now on my list is Watkins College of Art, Montserrat, and MICA. Will be posting my new pieces today or tomorrow.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Untitled for now

This 18x24 oil pastel is the second drawing that I did of the beach. I focused on color and line again, as well as perspective. Line was major in this piece and after doing this piece during my summer break, I found that my style had definitely changed. But I like it. Only thing I did not like was that the road was strange looking, especially on the left, for some reason. Other than that I feel as if I succeeded. If you disagree please comment.

Untitled for now

While the rest of the girls in my art class were still occupying themselves with the foreshortening project, I decided to start this 18x24 oil pastel on paper. It is a shot I took of somewhere in Florida around Navarre Beach. The picture I took had great composition as one can see but the colors were a bit dry. Nevertheless, I replicated the picture and made it into a drawing that I think is awesome because of the color, composition, form, and line. A lot of experimentation was made with this project and I think the same techniques I found in it will be used in my future drawings. I wish it could be seen better but I had it wrapped in acetate and didn't want to unwrap it. Don't have a title for it yet but it might end up being part of a triptych.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Walking with Wolves

While doing my foreshortening in art class, I was learning about some Rauschenberg techniques in Digital. I chose to take this assignment from a personal point of view and scanned images and copied/pasted images on stock exchange to make this collage of myself. There is a sketchbook page of mine with some real personal stuff. I have a photo of my grandparents when they were married, as well as my mom's plane ticket for when she came to the states(which I seemed to have replaced and when she finds out she will kill me). The wolves were unintentional, but still add a lot to the piece. The yellow ring was a scan of a coffee ring that another student submitted into the class images. All I have to say about this assignment is that Rauschenberg was a beast. Sadly this is my best piece in that class. It is currently at Board of Education office. Will try to replace the pic soon.


This 18x24 oil on my very first handmade canvas is of me. We were focusing on foreshortening for this assignment and I thought it'd be cool to have my closet as the setting while showing, again, a very emotional view of myself. At that time I was feeling as if the world was caving in on me for some reason, so I used my bunch of clothes to portray that. I had been drawn away from color schemes a while back but thought it'd be artistic of me to face that challenge again. This was a real easy assignment and am proud to say I finished first because I obviously know my color tones, as defined by in class comments/whining of color tone. The use of texture was also touched on. This piece was in the Congressional Art Competition, but didn't win anything. I have had some weird comments on this so feel free to share.

Hands of God

Hands of God is a 16x20 soft pastel on paper. It was inspired by my midyear art exam based on surrealism. It shows hands with a 'Made in China' brush on one hand and a drawing pencil on the other with a water filled leaf leaking water into a stream of blood, while towering over earth. This was a really hard project in that I had to use my own hands for it, but it was one of the first in which I did on by myself without the assignment given to me (sorta). I really liked doing this project though. The color was really great to play around with and the theme behind it is interesting, being that it shows how modernization is affecting old mother nature.

No Eye for Nature

This is me. Actually, this is an 18x24 oil pastel of me with Saran Wrap around my head. Pretty cool project. First time where I played around with emotions rather than social commentary(though social commentary is still in this project). I focus on this line work that I had been messing around with for a couple of months at the time and made sure to play with color as well. I got stuck on the background but I decided to do the leaves so as to exhibit my commentary of how nature seems to be ignored quite often. The color was based on a previous color scheme that I had done in 8th grade but failed at. I gave it a second chance this time and succeeded. When I did this drawing it was during a real hard time for me and I was going through some emotional changes and the lines and color definitely show that. Overall, this piece rocked far more than I expected and I expected a lot. It shows a drastic change to my style. This piece actually was one of three (along with the Libertad and Nature Still Life piece that has been lost forever) that received honorable mention at the Regional Level of Scholastic Art and Writing. Comment if you will. I've been told it still needs more but I say to heck with that. Though input is appreciated.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Forgotten

My first assignment in my Digital Photo Class was this that you see before you. It is a montage of a street done on Photoshop using an assortment of internet images. My objective was to show how we tend to forget all that has come before us and focus on the future more than our past. Often times, it is important to remember the past because it contains information that computers do not hold. Tried to be perfect on the perspective but failed. It looks cooler on paper.


This oil on canvas was done at an oil painting class taught last summer by an art teacher of mine. It was the first time that I started playing around with line. It was the first time that I actually loosened up with my art. Not much to say about it. Pretty self explanatory. Emphasis on line, shape, color, and perspective was applied. Took a photo of Venice and twisted it. A LOT.

Art Whatever No. 8

It has been about 7 months since I last put up a post. SORRY! I've been preoccupied with school and work, as well as not having a camera to put pics up. But no longer! Just last week I bought a Nikon D60 and will be putting up my new work later on TODAY. As soon as I go to sleep, wake up, and eat. Then I will show you all my awesomeness and comment on a lot of ART stuff that has happened to me since then. Until later.