Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Art Whatever No. 11

So I noticed that in my last post I had forgotten to post some other artworks that I had. I'll try to post them soon. Or eventually. I went to the BSC Scholarship Day this past Saturday and enjoyed that. Had a quick bite at breakfast and spent about two or three hours drawing a still life as part of the audition. There was a girl there all the way from Texas. I had an interview with the art teachers. Nice conversation. Really ready for college after that. I am now waiting on the response for that, as well as the response from Scholastic regarding my works. I hope they hurry up and tell me something. I need to get my works ready for District. I am currently working on a portrait of my little brother that's not going too well. The soft pastel doesn't fancy me anymore. I'm thinking about restarting it with oil. Getting some new ideas together for new pieces. Will post stuff later. Oh! And girls suck. They're so confusing and really hard to read, as well as grab their interest.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Art Whatever No. 10

Been a long time since I posted but I finally got some of my pieces posted. I have some cool photography as well that I'll try to post sometime this week. Been a great year so far. Lots of Art Stuff. Had Bluff Park, then Winter Art Show, and now I'm in the process of fooling around with College, Scholarships, and Competitions. I placed as Award Winner in the BSC Competition, which I'll try to post pictures of soon. It always amazes me when I see other people's artwork. It makes me realize how much I suck. JK, there my friend. But it really is great to see how people are thinking and their level of commitment. At the BSC Show, this girl traveled all the way from Georgia to see the works. Cool kid, indeed. I recently submitted into Scholastic too. I hope it made it alright and I hope I hear from them...BSC Scholarship up next, along with Memphis(MCA) scholarships. Then to district and some other scholarship stuff as well. Til later.

White No. 8

This is an 18x24 oil on canvas portrait of....yeah....Anyways, my favorite! I played a lot with color on this one, and lack of it as well...This was my first piece in which I've actually tightened my craftsmanship. The composition of it is great. Very resembling of the subject. Especially the mood. As with the rest of my concentration pieces, I left something blank. That something being the background. I added the yellow so it would flow better. But the reason for this being to show her completeness. Her definition. Her environment/atmosphere is not defined. Not good enough for her. She overpowers her surroundings. I am very fond to this piece. One of my masterpieces in my opinion. It won a 1st place in the Winter Art Show. As did every Senior. But this one also won me an Award Winner Status at the Birmingham-Southern Competition for High School Students. I submitted it into Scholastic as well. Thoughts?


I usually do tell the measurements of my artwork, but this one is oddly...shaped....It is a 19.75x20.5, I think, portrait of a boy. A random boy, might I add. Additionally, I am not quite sure whether it is a drawing or a painting, since I did technically draw the squiggles, but used turpentine and a brush to "paint" in the face. The hair consists of magazine clippings. This is also one of my favorites. When I started out, I had no idea what I was doing. I was sure that I was using primary colors like in the other pieces. By the end, I noticed it looked a lot like an X-Ray or an Inversed photo, hence the title. The composition is great, as is the line quality and color. The piece in general resembles a boy looks for his now defined future, but has no way of developing it. Like my other pieces, I had to leave something blank, but this time it was black... Comment, no?

True Definition

This is an 18x24 oil on canvas. They are "portraits" of some cool kids. I used plain oil out of the tube for this one and am somewhat satisfied with it. The composition is cool. The colors are cool. But there is no likeness!!! It bothers me and I don't know what to do. The tree in the background consists of newspaper scraps. The general background is of the school. I tried to mess around with line with this one, putting some here and there on the building, tree, and even the people. I left the sky and the tip of her hair blank. The white is starting to symbolize some sort of undefined status. I exposed the colors in their skins, a lot..!, and made the background common so as to communicate to the viewer that they live in a boring, common world. They're just cool like that. Tips, advice, comments, rebuttles?

Study on Color

Haven't posted in forever so here's ma newbies. This is an 18x24, I believe, oil on canvas of myself. This was officially my first time using oil bars and I loved it. It is currently part of a diptych, though originally supposed to be a triptych. I brought out all the primary colors and used that to make a resemblance of my self. Evidently, I left the white of my hair to resemble a sort of emptiness. Or undefined material/being, if you will. One of my favorites. The colors are superior, but the composition is not all that bad either. Tell me what you think. I submitted this one for Scholastic recently.