Monday, November 17, 2008

Be Advised, This is The First Art Whatever for My Blob

So now that I have, for the most part, set up my blog, I will move forward and make an attempt to put in some kind of art news/chat/pics/whatever. For today's art whatever, I would like to mention to anyone living in the San Francisco Area, more specifically Lincoln Park (no not the band), to visit the Theaters of Men: Art and the Holocaust exhibit that opened on the ninth of this month at the Jewish Museum. According to what else I read on, it is running until February of next year. So even though the economy is crap right now and we're not going out as much, I highly recommend you to go for a visit. This exhibit is the first one I've heard of this year, Holocaust wise. Any Holocaust exhibit is sure to be a good one. Not that I've been to one, but just being apart of that would be great. Better if you're an artist(sort of) because artists are always getting their chops busted(I think that's the line) on Holocaust art so we should represent. But remember to also respect, please. So for tonight I bid you good night and until tomorrow so I might gain more might. (Bit Shakespearish if I do say so myself.)