Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Art Whatever No. 11

So I noticed that in my last post I had forgotten to post some other artworks that I had. I'll try to post them soon. Or eventually. I went to the BSC Scholarship Day this past Saturday and enjoyed that. Had a quick bite at breakfast and spent about two or three hours drawing a still life as part of the audition. There was a girl there all the way from Texas. I had an interview with the art teachers. Nice conversation. Really ready for college after that. I am now waiting on the response for that, as well as the response from Scholastic regarding my works. I hope they hurry up and tell me something. I need to get my works ready for District. I am currently working on a portrait of my little brother that's not going too well. The soft pastel doesn't fancy me anymore. I'm thinking about restarting it with oil. Getting some new ideas together for new pieces. Will post stuff later. Oh! And girls suck. They're so confusing and really hard to read, as well as grab their interest.


Donna Cregg said...

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fairy fantasy art said...

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