Monday, January 25, 2010

Art Whatever No. 10

Been a long time since I posted but I finally got some of my pieces posted. I have some cool photography as well that I'll try to post sometime this week. Been a great year so far. Lots of Art Stuff. Had Bluff Park, then Winter Art Show, and now I'm in the process of fooling around with College, Scholarships, and Competitions. I placed as Award Winner in the BSC Competition, which I'll try to post pictures of soon. It always amazes me when I see other people's artwork. It makes me realize how much I suck. JK, there my friend. But it really is great to see how people are thinking and their level of commitment. At the BSC Show, this girl traveled all the way from Georgia to see the works. Cool kid, indeed. I recently submitted into Scholastic too. I hope it made it alright and I hope I hear from them...BSC Scholarship up next, along with Memphis(MCA) scholarships. Then to district and some other scholarship stuff as well. Til later.


jeannette said...

Came from another can you suck if you're winning art competitions??
What does BSC stand for? (I'm Dutch and I never did to well with all the abbreviations here, even though I've lived in the USA for a long time LOL)

Roberto "Alex" Correa said...

I dunno. I might be good, but there are still way better people out there. Definitely better than me so going to an art show reminds me of that, the reality of it saddens me a bit. BSC stands for Birmingham-Southern College.