Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Art Whatever No.3

So, HA! It is currently 11:43 and I am typing the post for today. I actually did a new post the next day and not the next year. By the way, what is up with Blogger time? It is way off. Maybe I need to do some kind of adjusting. Anyways, did not get to stay after school today to help with the art show but tomorrow seems like a swell day to stay after. In art today, I was filled with a sense of something today. My experiments were crappy failures but what I was informed of was better. The Scholastic Art Competition is in a sense, underway, in our class. Though only two or three will only participate, I believe it would be awesome to put my work in there. I need to check it out more but I am definitely going to give it a shot. I'm not sure about deadlines but from what I was told by my art teacher, it seems that I have months to prepare. I will most likely put in a whole ishload of stuff, that is if I can. Tomorrow I have Digital Photo as my first class and I am unsure about it. We have a second quarter exam that I need to be studying for tomorrow but somehow I ended up here. Also, I am creating an event poster on Photoshop that is weak right now but. if I implement a new idea for it, could turn into a beastly thing. So I'll be going now to study like half a minute for the exam. Oh, and please check out a problem that I need solved. It is in Art Whatever No. 2 and respond. Je demande une response. I don't even think that is correct French.